ART! How to make your own! - Amealia’s Classroom - Join Now! - Limb Overlays

Hello my students! I am Amealia and I love episode art. I know many people want to start making their own and I am here to help you learn! Everyday we will have an interactive lesson on here at four o’clock pm earstern time. I will walk you through the lesson and steps on how to do the day’s lesson. You can ask any questions while I teach! The next lesson is on how to make limb overlays for your characters! Anyone can get on and join the class! If you want to officially enroll in the class fill out the form below. By officially enrolling in the class you will get access to a private lessons if you have missed one or I will send you the lessons and a video with it each time!

Please tag your friends who may be interested. This class is for many if there are only a couple people the class will be discontinued!



What app do we use?
We use AutoDesk SketchBook but this class is made to work for nearly all sketchbook apps including ibs paint.


Question, dont know if I should ask here or in the class but what art app do we or u have to use.

oh wait i just read it the i ask in class but…oh well. u dont have to answer.

We use this one BUT the class is made to be compatible for nearly every sketchbook app you can find so if you choose to you ibs paint like most you can with no problems . . .


yeah i have this on my laptop. so, cool.

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hey I’m very interested but with school and time zones I may not b able to attend could u pm me some tutorial videos It’d be easier if u r using ibis paint :sweat_smile:

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This is really kind what you’re doing :heart_eyes_cat:


Of course! I don’t use ibs paint but I use basic things that ibs paint also has . . .