Art: i need splash art asap!


I need someone to create splashes of a LL vampire sucking on an innocent girls neck. And another one with the girl dead on the floor and a guy putting a dagger into his heart! Thanks in advance.


I can do it


Thank you!! How long would it take?


mm… 5-10 min?


Sounds perfect! Thank you!


what are the details I can set someone up from my group


It’s CC characters I believe


Yup! It’s CC :slight_smile:




We will get to working on it… it’s a vampire guy???


Yes exactly :slight_smile:, I would love it if the background was an abandoned alley way!


Ok… and the one for the guy on the floor??? Alley way as well??


Just give me a few mins to write it into my script!!!


I will get it to you as fast as possible… I will do the first one first than the one with the dagger


yup! all in the same alley :slight_smile: so the girl is deaddo and the boy gets stabbed with a stake to the heart!! sounds good thank you so much again!


No problem that what we are here for


I wish I had your creativity tbh :sweat_smile:


Aww thanks… can I use the same girl from the cover?? Or do you want it to be a different girl?


That would be fine :slight_smile: it’s CC so it doesnt matter ! :blush:


I just have to put the words on these 2 covers real quick than I’m starting on your request…