Art Improvement Thread! Share your newer art compared to older art

In this thread anyone can post their old art and then their new art. It is really cool to see how much you have improved and to see how far the community is coming day by day.

I’ll start here is my oldest episode drawing with a custom pose:

I couldn’t even get a face

Here is my newest:

I am alright with feedback for both my old and new edits

Feedback If someone is alright with feedback on their old drawing they must say so! If they are alright with feedback on their newer drawing they must say so! If feedback is not alright with a person then let’s keep comments about their art positive please!


What app do you use?

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it looks nice. the hand on the new edit looks a little big compared to head. i don’t know if you wanted it to look bigger because of distance, though.

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Untitled10 Untitled15


i started making episode edits in january or february or march (im clueless) of this year (2019) but i don’t have my oldest edit saved.

old: around june, i think?

new: july-september

do not steal, redistribute, edit or trace any of the art shown.


Sketchbook EDU

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I tend to make hands larger it’s something I need to work on but I’m ok with pretending it was for distance reasons lol.

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I love the eyes of the green girl :heart:

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Your newer ones look so cute!


tysm :two_hearts:


I see a lot of beautiful improvement!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Okay so I recommend using Ibis Paint X. If you use ibis paint x make sure to put the stabilizer up to 10 and turn it on. In order to find the stabilizer click the hand symbol on the top right-hand corner and you’ll see it. Also try highlighting the hair!

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I’ll try it out.

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Ok, your eyes will bleed when you see one of my oldest episode drawings.


My newest drawing



The old one is true art :rofl: The new one is really cute, lots of orange lol.


Bahhahaa yes it’s true art :joy: tysm tho!

It was a mood board contest and I got orange as my color that I need to use mostly

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You did a really good job with it. I can’t work with to much orange, red, or yellow I just find it really hard for me to work with.

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I’m loving the hair and theme of this one!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: especially the bg goes amazing with the art :heart_eyes::pleading_face:

Before my phone is taken away

First ever drawing = scary

Newest drawing = not quite as scary


i don’t add a watermark because who would steal my art?! It’s ugly :joy::joy::joy:


Ahhhh! I always forget about watermarks ngl.

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Aww tysmm <33 You’re really sweet <3

It’s not ugly, don’t say that! Your first episode drawing is actually a lot better than my first episode drawing lmao

The beanie seems really big in your new art, maybe make it smaller? Also for the outline, turn on the stabilizer and turn it up to 10 if you did that lol then I’m sorry for saying that, I’m blind bahsddkkjljkd Also for the hair, use round brush real and add a layer but change the mode to add to highlight

I hope this helps