Art introduction

I need a art introduction, Like the background ones for my story, If anyone can do it for free I would appreciate it thank you! I do not mean a cover so please don’t get confused


Something like this?

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No, i mean like its art but with the story title, like its drawn or something

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I would recommend being a little more specific with something like this as a lot of users may need more information. With more information on details and setup you are more likely to find someone willing to do it. :blush::wink:

So you see how the art covers are? Okay like that but when you start the story it shows an art picture and it has the title of the story and all and then the story goes on, Basically like a picture of the characters, i’m really not good at explaining it but if you have ever read eat me up, the shaw brothers, body tangle, deep desire, like those intros how they start and it has an art picture of the two main characters or more than two

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Here’s an example