Art: Joy's Free covers/art scenes



  • If you want me to do a free edit/drawing then you can either PM me, or DM on instagram @joy.writes_

  • Come prepared with character details, outfits, pose reference, theme of the art (dark, happy, romantic, etc)

  • If I do make you an edit or art, please credit me, and be respectful.

  • I answer right away from 12pm-10pm EST, unless I’m busy at the moment, but usually I answer right away.


I don’t have insta, but can we pm on here?
I had someone make an artwork for me, but it wasn’t the best.
I am wondering if your could do better, no hate to her.
If so, how to I put the artwork into my story?
I’m kinda new to this so I don’t know how to do much

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Of course, I’ll be happy to help you, you can PM here too. I can’t say my drawings are “out of this world” but my edits are good. So whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here to help you​:blush::purple_heart:

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Also, to put an art scene in your story, you save it to your camera roll, or your computer, you go to “art catalog” go to backgrounds then go to the Dropbox that says “available for ALL stories” then right under it is “uploaded to YOUR account” click that box then press “select image” then upload your art scene, and name it. For example: “ext. bakery - day”

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Most def!
Thank you so much

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may i have an edit please

Ofc, if you can DM from Instagram that’d be preferred (@joy.writes_) but if you can only do PM that is fine but I prefer Instagram

ok i did