ART: Larger noses for LL female bodies!

Hi! I saw that the last suggestion for something like this was from a year ago, so I figured it would be okay if I started a new thread for it.

I think that the LL ladies should get a few of the more prominent noses that the men have, like these:

Noses like this are more common in Arab, Jewish, Native American, North African, and Indian women, so adding these would allow Episode greater ethnic diversity.

Here are some examples!

Sara Bareilles!

Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe. (Yes, I know she’s a cartoon and not a real person…)

An Arapaho war chief from a hundred or so years ago named Pretty Nose.

Anyway, I just think this would be a great thing for Episode to implement!

Keeping it positive and not mentioning any reasons this bothers me so much, I know that issues of inclusion can be kind of intense where people are like, “Well, why didn’t they already have this??” so anyway please try to keep this thread positive and forward-looking!


YESSSSS, I SUPPORT. This is such a good idea.


Support :white_heart:


Support! (:


Support! : )


Support! I’d really like this


Support! I’d also like to see these as my nose is large.




Duplicate closed. Refer to ART: More Strong Noses for LL Female