Art mentor please?


Hi! My name is Adam, and I am new! I like sketching and drawing on paper, but I am looking to broaden my talents and learn digital art

I can do it a little, but I am no good!

I just want someone to help me out that is at least good enough so that they know what they’re doing!

And Incase you guys wanted to know, I am 15, just Incase you guys wanted to make sure I wasn’t like… 10 haha.

I look forward to getting some help :wink:


Great timing! I’d love to help, and since you liked how I colored that lineart back there, I could give you a few pointers!

But be warned… I am only 13, so if that is a problem, feel free to find another mentor.


My group would love to teach you do you need examples


AH I didn’t expect such a fast reply, lol. I will just give you my discord account I use for gaming (lol) until I set up an art one, since I am “running out of replies” AH


Thanks! Do you have discord?



heres one and yes we do


Lol! I am a fast typed, I will Private message you my discord account :slight_smile:


That is beautiful! show me your ways


Sure let me give you the link and do you have instagarm




Nope! Gah, I just have discord, if that is okay?




Welcome to the forums! I might be able to help, but you seem to have a few people already willing to help.


Haha, thanks. I actually am only getting real help from @MaliyahArtsy because the other group… well we just ended up spamming each other, and now we are just talking. So I would love help! P.M me some of your art work.