Art Needed For My Stories



Hey, guys! I need a few Art pieces! Anyone down to help me? Here Are The Stories:

  1. The Young Actress
  2. Finding Mr. Anderson
  3. In Love With The Mafia Leader
  4. Forbidden Love
  5. the musical Road To Happiness
    6.New Girls
  6. The Young Actress (LL)
    8.My Fake Suicide


send the details please


Firstly I need A Background For The Begging Of My Story Called The Young Actress! With These Things


And Facing Each Other!

Text: The Young Actress
Season 1



do you want the character edited also when do you need it @Cayla_Chanel_Whitt @dasha_author @DeathlyCow @Unique_911 @ForeverMagic112 @MeganPerkins do you think you guys can help


hi Lisha!!! We can do it. tags: @eden.episode @ChayChay


Thanks! For the help!


No time limit!


of course, Ali. Lol u ma gal


We can have it done tomorrow :sparkling_heart:

Episode Studio


ok it should be ready today or tommorow remember to credit Episode diamond we love to help


Okay I will!




if you even need anything come to us also do you want glitter in it


Do you want to see examples of some of our previous work?






Here is my personal thread for art but as a group we have more examples :sparkling_heart:


here is our examples


we have more wanna see it this are made by members of the group





I added some more at the top also @epi.alyssaa wanna help too