Art needed for new story🌹

Hey, I’m writing a new story about a killer, called white rose.
The main idea is that the killer (a women, details later) kills men and leaves a white rose on the body.
I need a cover(white rose,by rose.m) , a warning mature themes sign, a background of a room full of white roses, and a picture of the killer wearing something black and sexy (but not too sexy) holding a white rose, and a crime scene with a covered body and a white rose.
I will very appreciate anyone who wants to help, and i will give credit for the art.
Character details (ink)
Body - toffee
Face - soft heart
Hair - diva curls (black)
Lips - blossom lips (I think crimson)
Brow - smooth arch
Eyes - round bold (dark green)
Nose - soft natural

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Episode harmony can

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Send the details here please

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I will do it!

examples of my work!

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What would you like!

Click my link and fill out the form of the covers!:grin:

Here’s your Large Cover if you need any edits let me know!

If you would like you can credit me @isaiahwrites_episode on instagram!

Large Cover here!


Here’s your Small Cover if you need any edits let me know!

If you would like you can credit me @isaiahwrites_episode on instagram!

Small Cover here!


I give it in 6 hours

Do you make covers?


Can you show me some examples?

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Do you have some in LIMELIGHT?

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No since I lost them but I do limelight

Can you make one for me?

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Character details :

image.jpg269x640 29.1 KB

You use this but i would like to see all of her head so i am just gonna write a discriptions to

Character details

Hair: Hair flip
Color Hair: medium warm brown
Skintone: Neutral 03
Face shape: diamond long
Nose: Defined neutral
Lips: full heart pouty
Color lips: Beige light gold matte
Eyes: Deepset downturned
Color eyes: Aqua blue
Eyebrows: Arched thick
Color Eyebrows: chestnut brown

Characters outfits: The "Deep V Swimsuit Lycra Grey White "

She is on a beach with a surfboard under her left arm and is smiling, it is sunny and with a blue sky