Art Needed Please {CLOSED}


Hiya, can someone do a wanted poster for me.


Epi.sunset could! What are the deets?

@Lunar_Rose @Unicornlover346 @Hialexhi @xlilMissy101x


I’m tagged what can I do to help :+1:t4:


Wait maybe till we get the deets :joy:


Right! :woman_facepalming:t4:


:joy: the struggles of being an episode digital artist :joy:




@elisabethstarrr @xlilMissy101x

I would like kind of a brown background with this charater in the middle in this position with wanted on the top.



If it’s helpful I can do the background and u can do the rest as I have the background kind of ready


What do you mean wanted on top lol? Maybe @xlilMissy101x could try she is good at edits , if she has free time she’s a member ofor the group :slight_smile:


Like u know on like wanted posters you have the wanted on it like that :+1:t2:


Ohhh I got it! You could do the background I could do the pose if u want or the team could help :slight_smile:


Ok will do


@elisabethstarrr I don’t mind


Episode Creativity can! (If you still need it.) To see examples or request go here.


Thank You the suggestion




Episode harmony can


Ok Thank You


And I’m about to end it :slight_smile: