Art Needed please

I don’t know how this works but I need these pictures or something similar with the same kinda idea drawn or like cartoony, I just need it to look better, I made these but I don’t like them, I want it to be more arty, I’m not bothered about having the 3 guys in it, the main thing I want is the girl and the helmet. Pleas help!


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I could make it but I have 3 requests before you. For more info check out Shana Ravi’s art thread.

Thank you so much.

I could make you them! I have examples right here:

(Unless you have someone already, Oof!)

OMG yes please! That’s exactly what I was after thank you so much!!! :blush:

You’re welcome! Send me a PM with all the details, backgrounds, poses, etc. :slight_smile: