Art Official Request Thread


Hey its me Rowan, I’m a bit new so I’m going to try and get better at art, send a picture of your character and I’ll edit it.




Can I suggest some tips?


What app do you use?


Can I also give you some tips?


Me too


Here are some videos I have done the two bottom ones are better


I know how to outline and how to colour but thanks for trying to help


I sent them cause the outline is not straight if you use I is paint x use the stabilizer you need to practice more on coloring and outline before making a art shop no offense shading needs to be better maybe use layers and blur tool


I know I changed this post to editing pictures that you send me


And I use the stabiliser, and I use the blur tool


And i use layers and I’m improving my shading


You can watch the videos to get better! :grin:


I watched them, :neutral_face:


Can u improve this wreckage




Learn to take constructive criticism @Teahwalker wasn’t being rude she was just trying to help. You will never be successful if you don’t learn to take constructive criticism. :heart:


Here you go


I know she was trying to help and I appreciate it, sorry if I came of as rude


you’re good lol. I see it alot is why i pointed it out.


Thanks, but Im still trying to improve and I love all the feedback