Art opinions needed

Ok so I need opinions on a few things I drew :sweat_smile: I need completely HONEST opinions they aren’t done all the way but I need to know what do so while I’m still working. Also they aren’t the best because I took a 2 month break :sweat_smile:


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Honest Feedback Coming Your Way

  1. The eyes are so plain. Maybe shade using lighter and darker colors.
  2. The other half of the eye on the first one is missing it’s liner…?
  3. The other side (on the first) is too small. Try to even it out for both.
  4. Shade the face. Not too dark colors or light. I found this thing on Instagram I could show you if want to message me.

Second one

  1. The guys nose is too big try making it a little bit smaller.

They look great Sia :grinning:
Just keep practicing if you still need help message me

What I can show you how to make

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Advice from a non-artist coming your way!

  • I think the guy’s nose is a little big
  • the liner on the girl’s missing :slight_smile:
  • maybe try and do some shading or a gradation of colours on the eyes, hair etc.
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Thanks :sweat_smile: I had trouble with the liner on the first picture I tried to do it like the first eye and I couldn’t get it the same shape. Also the eyes look plain for which one and what color do you recommend?

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I have trouble with noses :sweat_smile:

The first one :grin:

I would suggest using like a lighter blue around the middle bottom and use the airbrush (normal) and lightly brush around the eye with black color. After that add the pupil and the shine

I would be happy to help you out

I saw on Instagram some tutorials! Give me a minute to get the username

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Hard to judge at this point because, like you said, they’re still in progress. But I definitely recommend shading/highlighting and adding a couple details once you’re done with colouring.

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Thanks :laughing: I kinda forgot how to do almost everything like shading :shushing_face:also are you good with drawing like noses and mouths I need to work on those :sweat_smile:

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This place has some ways
They have this

Not mine

Mouths and noses are my weakness :shushing_face:



On Instagram too

If I find some more I’ll let you know!


Ooh thanks :grin:

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No problem :relieved:

Hopefully I’m helping you
Shading Palette for eyes

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I’ve done the eyes I found a lighter color for it :slight_smile:

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You may already know but on your art her right arm is a left arm. The thumb for the right arm should be on the outside as ithas been bent to go across her body amd so her wrist would rotate. If her palm were facing down then the thumb would be on the inside, closest to her body. I just thought id mention it x

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That looks good :+1:
Use the airbush (Normal) instead of dip hard pen

For which part?

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When using the light shade in the middle (make it visible still so you can still see it when it you add the pupil next.
I use it to like outline the eyeball lightly with black last.

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I tried using airbrush and a light shade but the one I chose isn’t showing up :sweat_smile:

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Lol try the palette above
Maybe you’re using a too light blue for the og color😅