Art outlines...?

I’ve started doing art, but doing the outline part literally kills me :joy: and I wanna focus more on doing the colour part. But I don’t have much outlines to practice with :woman_shrugging:t3:

Sooo… if anyone has some outlines that I can practice with. I’d be more then grateful :rofl: I’m kinda bad but with some practice :sunglasses: ya never know.

You could look for outline contest

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Here’s an outline I did a while ago and never got around to using


Here’s one of mine

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@Lily.e @Eva_Diva1
Thanks! I’ll show yous them when they’re finished :grin: hopefully they come out well :joy: because im fr bad at this

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Kk :blush:

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Here’s another one I found that’s old you can color it if you want

Ooo I love that pose can I color it?