Art Place Closed Forever

Hello, My Little Angels,

My name is @Dark_Knightly.
If you ever need an art picture for your character or any other things you are in the right place. I am now making art pictures.


  1. Be respectful
  2. Don’t Bully each other
  3. Follow Episode Rules

Character Details:

  1. Color Hair
  2. Skin Color
  3. Eye Color
  4. Character’s Or Your Favorite Colors
  5. What type of person are you ???
    • Tomboy
    • Girly
  6. Deadline
  7. And More Information


  1. Background Color or Just Background
  2. Poses Of Characters
  3. Title
  4. Author’s Name
  5. Anymore Information On The Cover


  1. Background Color or Just Background
  2. Want Splash To Say
  3. Theme Of Story
  4. Anymore Information On The Splashes


  1. Color
  2. Want To Say
  3. Anymore Information Needed To Know

Examples For My Work:
This is in the works of being done soon, everyone.

Takes Me About A Week Maybe To Finish One Art Drawing.

Thank You And Enjoy :kissing_heart:

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Do you have any examples? And do you do Ink or LL or both? :smiley:

This is other example of my work but this is a example of my character.

Blocked For Reasons


I didn’t know if its Limelight or Ink.
Mostly it looks like a Limelight Character but it didn’t matter to me.

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  1. Color Hair: Brown
  2. Skin Color: Light skinned
  3. Eye Color: Green
  4. Character’s Or Your Favorite Colors Here’s a pic of her and her outfit, so you know which colors and stuff
  5. What type of person are you ??? Idk if this is targeted towards me or the person in the edit, but the person in the edit is strong, confident, determined and a legend. She’s a bit tomboy/hipster but not much.
  6. Deadline: Maybe a few days? But it’s 100% ok if it takes longer
  7. And More Information: Could she be in front of this background?
    Also, is it allowed to request more than once?
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I will try my best

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Thank you :revolving_hearts:

I didn’t know if i can put her in the background

That’s ok :slight_smile:

I can do a soild color like a nice little purple

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Yeah, that works :smiley:

Hi, Can you make me an art scene if you have time…
Character Details

  1. Color Hair
    Black/ long straight
  2. Skin Color
  3. Eye Color
    Light blue
  4. Character’s Or Your Favorite Colors
    Green and blue.
  5. What type of person are you ???
  • Tomboy
  1. Deadline
    Anytime you can, but I would prefer it in about a week
  2. And More Information
    idk if this is possible but could you have her holding a can of spray paint about to paint a brick wall?
    Here is her pic

do you want a whole body art or like the example

Like the example :smiley:


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ok try my best Thank You

Patrick what color lip do you want for the character ???

does it matter

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The app is of everyone like my friend not everyone can get it ok. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The apps name is on it and i am just coloring it. If there name is on it I am not taking the credit.

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