Art please! I need quite a few!

I need quite a few art projects so if u r up for it please by all means please help

1- a picture of a mother holding her child

2- picture of main male character kiswing Mars statue the god of war (contact me about this one)

3- the male character in flames picture which will be in a art museum please in My story Mars

4- I need pictures of art don’t care what just needs to be beautiful lol

5- if anyone has a background or picture of a school or hospital rooftop that be great

6- i also need a picture of male character sticking or kissing the female character’s finger because it was bleeding after accidently cutting herself
Hope this isn’t a lot to ask

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I can do it, autumn. @ChayChay.

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I would like to do one if you want?

This isn’t in the right category, you might want to put it in the art resources section instead.

Sorry I was busy thinking I pressed the wrong one Lol

There’s ton’s to do lol

Go ahead ^^

ok I can do the first one, do you want it with the episode characters in ink or limelight or do you want something else?

Drawn be great but if u need to it be ink

i can

Okay thanks x

Thank u

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U can pick one or so I like options