Art Please please

Can someone make me two backgrounds of a living room
- One that is pointing at the television
- One pointing at the sofa


Hello, I do not need what I asked for above, so I was wondering if anyone could edit a background



There all great with back grounds


@Rac5hel for the tag


Can you do it


Yeah sure


What do you need to know


Np hunn


I have some in my drive here.


Thank you


@Chesirekitten101 and @QueenMilii I have changed op


Can you edit a background please?

Can you make it sort of homely or it is in like a living room


I could, if you tell me the living room your character is using! :slight_smile:



No problem!
When do you need it by?


It is not very urgent, how long does it normally take?


Not long, I just have a few hour long requests to finish. Yet, since yours is a small edit it’ll be done by later today! :heart:


Thank you


@QueenMilii sorry if this is any inconvenience but the background will need to be a png


Yes I know, don’t worry


Okay thanks