hello. welcome to my shop.

No but fr, You have stumbled upon my page for whatever reason and guess what? I have no inspiration right now and want to make art so you just tell me what you want and I’ll probably make it. (if it isn’t hard lmao) Anyways, I will try and make it but my art style is cartoony/realistic in ways. You can see it in the examples anyways :wink: So if you want request any person so say like ‘CAN I HAVE A GIRL WITH BLUE EYES AND GREEN HAIR PLEZ’ And I will make it for ya, anyways my examples are down below so check them out if you are not too lazy. :star:




(TeahWalker) :star:
(Hannah ) :star:
(Henn) :star:
(Mystery.episode) :star:
(Cassandra_Dean) :star:
(CC1985) :star:
(Miss_Moonlight) :star:
(azariasin) :star:



nothing yet because BuSiNeSs Is BooMiNg (it isn’t btw)

So request now! :slight_smile:


Do you do art scenes? :sweat_smile:


Yes I do. :slight_smile:


Can i pm you one i need :grin:


Sure :wink:


Hey can you put some big title who says:
damn girl
by: @henn_writes


Okay :slight_smile:


It’s incredible!


Thank you :heartpulse:


What colour ?




I can resize it if you are gonna use it .


what happend to the quality?


Sorry, I’ll fix it.


Thank you



Is that better?


Btw, I saved it as JPEG so you won’t be able to download it now but I have the PNG version so if you want it you can.


yes please



It will not allow me to do what I wanted to do so you might need to press save image now.


Can I make a request :slight_smile: