Art practise thread,

So i have seen 2 threads on here like this already, so i got inspo from those threads.

1. What is this?
I made a google classroom for art practice, anyone who wants to can join, I’ll post assignments every Monday and Thursday. You don’t NEED to enter EVERY Monday and Thursday, but it would be appreciated if you could enter at least once a week. So if you have work one week and you can’t enter on Monday, but you finish on Wednesday you could enter on Thursday.

2. What assignments?
There are assignments like; Creating a art piece, researching about art, palette mini contests, quizzes about the research, team assignments.

3. What if I can’t join for some weeks?
This google classroom isn’t that you have to do every week and every assignment. So if you can’t do some assignments it’s fine, because this is just for practice. But please let me know if you can’t join, if it’s a partner/group assignment i have to do groups.

4. When should you be online?
I would like if you check google classroom once a day and forums also once a day.

Here’s the code: a9jb9l

If you can’t join through the code, please PM me your email so i can invite you

If this flops then :sob:

joined :blush:

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