Art Releases Update 2022

I might be a little lost here… but it doesn’t mean complete outfits as in not separate stuff you can mix and match, right? Cause creating outfits is half the fun for me when writing :see_no_evil: Either way, thanks for letting us know in advance, I’m curious to see what the updates will be like!


I think it means they will release “collections”.

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@Tory Does that mean there will be more outfit pop-up shops in future when you will be releasing new assets? Thank you.


Yessss me too! Lol

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@Tory, when will you be able to tell us when the new release date for the art update is?

Also the Plus Sized avatars have had a special separate art release for the last two years, while that continue or is that going to be apart of the monthly release?


This makes me sad–I love weekly edits! :’( But, I’m also excited to see what comes next and appreciate that we keep getting new items :slight_smile:
Just a quick question @Tory : Will creators still be invited to create edits for these releases as usual? :slight_smile:


Tbh guys as annoying as it is, it could be a good thing, like lately it feels like the community just wants clothing even if it’s a recolour and I personally don’t like complex colour I feel they lack in detail :sob:

  • Maybe now more detailed clothing drops
  • We might get special outfits if it’s a theme
  • Maybe it’s Episode’s new way of handling backlogs and requests.
  • There’s obvs a downside but let’s hope for the best :crossed_fingers::pleading_face:

Honestly? I’ve thought a monthly model would be nice for a while now. :woman_shrugging:t2:

  1. The community becomes so negative anytime there’s an art release (sometimes it’s justified, sometimes it’s not).

  2. It’s clear the art team has been feeling a bit…Unmotivated? I think monthly updates will mean they can come up with better themes and (hopefully) more clothing items. We’re in desperate need of more historical clothing (as an example) but instead we get recolors for males because they’re, obviously, trying to make it look like there’s more outfits than usual for them. I think doing it this way will mean they can give males more clothing and give us better clothing in general.

  3. Outfit look books sound interesting to me. My only thing is I hope they release things as separate pieces and not combined outfits. I like mixing and matching too much.


Perfectly said.

It will be more of a collection of cohesive pieces.

Different teams, but it’s on the radar.

As far as I know, they will also be part of the monthly release.



In the simpler words - no more weekly releases and monthly releases only from May? Trying to see if I understood correctly.


I wonder How it will work for the other assets like music background and overlays … I hope this changes mean we will have bigger and more consistant updates… I really hope we will get more facial features hairstyles and bodies more frequently with the new way of updating

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Yay! Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the notice. I have mixed feelings with this one but I’m excited for what they got in store for the monthly releases💙

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I agree with Nessa04, I have mixed feelings but am curious how this monthly instead of weekly release will turn out. I’m hoping this means that the team will be working toward more items per release for ALL body types, males included. So, hopefully they’ll be more cohesive and larger releases than the current schedule.


Hey @Tory does this mean until may do we still have weekly art releases ?

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I must say silently, that I’m not happy with this news. :disappointed: We were all looking forward to Thursdays, now to Tuesdays. That was the best day of the week that kept us motivated.

I have a feeling that monthly releases won’t be bigger than one week’s release. And we’re going to get less and less. :disappointed:

Now that Episode has so many competition in other apps, why doesn’t it strive to be better? :disappointed:


Huge support on this one…

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welp that was unexpected :rofl:

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i like idea of collections, i just hope theyre not set outfits, and we can still mix and match
however, if these releases arent the size of 4 normal weekly updates people are gonna b so angry, and rightly so
if there arent new updates for femals, males and plus females every month i acc think people will start quitting episode as well.