Art Releases Update 2022

I think it is time to address this now

Please do not bug Tory or the art team for a “specific date” For the art release because it has only been a week since the last art release and its not fair to the team to be pressured to give a “specific date” Just because you all are waiting for it.

Be patient and kind. They need a break too and also since they are releasing a look book/ prop shop type thing and they got to prepare looks for all body types available on the portal it will take time. It is not an overnight process.

Just sit back and take a breather and stop bugging the art team and Tory.

If you read till here, I am glad you understood.


Is it possible to make a feauture where the community members will be able to create their own clothes and share them with their friends if they want to? :thinking: :pray:


That would be so cool!!

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We’ve been trying to get this for years now.

It’s a great idea but it would never work.

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Is there no info on the release yet?

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There is! We will be doing the release sometime next week!


Thank you @Tory! :relaxed::raised_hands:t2:

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oh thanks!! :heart:
honestly very excited to see what are the new changes :eyes:


what about the next writer’s contest?:)))


awesome news!

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Awesome, thank you. Excited to see what they come up with!

if my calculations are correct, the results should be out on may 20th or 27th-ish lol
so if they were to announce a new contest, it would be in beginning or mid June… maybe? :joy:
(weird i know but im doing this because im also waiting for the next contest lmao)

I’m waiting on the next contest too :joy:

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Same here! Hopefully the theme will be something flexible.

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Hey guys does anyone know if we are getting a art release today ?


Uh… We’ll have to let Episode drop the bomb on us when they do release :joy:


I’m very positive @Tory said a few days ago that there will be an art release today.


I can’t find it now, but on the 2022 wish list she said that it would be happening this week, but she didn’t guarantee it for this day.

I hope it is today though! :heart:


Posted today! :heart: