Art Request Open

If anyone needs any art done let me know!! :blush:


Hello! I know you are with @Episode-Diamonds! I was wondering if you have examples that you could share?

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hi, I need some arts done… please

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Let me know what you need done! I would lovw to help

Character- Female
skin - Taupe
Face shape - soft heart
Eyes - upturned bold - blue
Eyebrows - arched
Hair - straight - blue
Mouth - classic - wine
Character - male
Skin - honey
Face shape - define triangle
Hair - spiked - black
Mouth - uneven - taupe
Nose - button
Eyebrows - narrow
i want the female character to point a gun at the male character and at the background, could you make it look one of your creation ‘Toxic’ but i want the female character to be angry and male character to look, either sad or shocked

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would you be able to do it, if so how long would it take

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Ill start in a minute
What type of clothes?
Any words on in?

I want the female character to be badass and holding a gun aiming at the male character.
And the male character should also wear something badass

I want the setting be dark and dangerous.
the Tile should be ‘MONARO VS STORM’
Author: raadz

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What type of arched brow?

Also which blue?

Blasting or light?

And nose for the girl?

Do you like this background?

@Teahwalker your stuff is amazing… you might want to enter episode studio’s

Thank you but Im with Episode Diamonds :blush:

anyone can enter, it doesn’t make a difference if your with episode diamonds

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I want it in INT

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