Art Request Open


If anyone needs any art done let me know!! :blush:


Hello! I know you are with @Episode-Diamonds! I was wondering if you have examples that you could share?





hi, I need some arts done… please


Let me know what you need done! I would lovw to help


Character- Female
skin - Taupe
Face shape - soft heart
Eyes - upturned bold - blue
Eyebrows - arched
Hair - straight - blue
Mouth - classic - wine
Character - male
Skin - honey
Face shape - define triangle
Hair - spiked - black
Mouth - uneven - taupe
Nose - button
Eyebrows - narrow
i want the female character to point a gun at the male character and at the background, could you make it look one of your creation ‘Toxic’ but i want the female character to be angry and male character to look, either sad or shocked


would you be able to do it, if so how long would it take


Ill start in a minute
What type of clothes?
Any words on in?


I want the female character to be badass and holding a gun aiming at the male character.
And the male character should also wear something badass

I want the setting be dark and dangerous.
the Tile should be ‘MONARO VS STORM’
Author: raadz


What type of arched brow?


Also which blue?


Blasting or light?


And nose for the girl?


Do you like this background?


@Teahwalker your stuff is amazing… you might want to enter episode studio’s


Thank you but Im with Episode Diamonds :blush:


anyone can enter, it doesn’t make a difference if your with episode diamonds




I want it in INT