Art request or splash or cover! (Closed)

Hello love!
Do you need a cover, splash, or even a art request?
You came to the right place just please answer all of these questions in the comments and I’ll work on your stuff but YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN INSTAGRAM if you do not have an instagram then you have to have a story if you have neither I can’t give you an art.

Answer these questions or I won’t do your request
What’s your instagram name? (If you have one)
What’s your story name? (If you have one)
What request do you need?
What’s your details (and also send a pic)
What pose?
What clothes?
Anything else need to be added?


Here is some examples sorry I only have these ones for right now.
Here is the splash

Here is my edit (outline is not mine)

I don’t have any covers at the moment but I won’t just add characters to a random background and call it good I will actually add the characters onto the background yes but I’ll also draw over them or I’ll just draw them



Instagram Name: Mercedes.writes
Story Name: The Stolen Half (it is not published)
Requests: Small Cover and splash


Pose: do you do custom poses? If not, then I want to cancel my cover request
Clothes: I must pick clothes? Or could I just give you an idea and you could pick the clothes
Thank you!

Hello! So first off what pics do you want in the cover and what ones do you want in the splash and what kind of splash do you need. Yes you can pick clothes or poses and if you want any add in’s also what background do you need? I don’t know what your story about so I need an idea about your story so then I can know what poses I should do because right now I have no clue.

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Story Description

An idea of my story is a twin is taken at birth as a way to get back at the father who has banished them from ever going back to their hometown and seeing their family ever again. And so 17 years later after the twin escapes, the mother sees her thinking that she is the other twin, but later realizes that she has twin daughters and goes searching for her, but is unsuccessful and so the twin takes it into her own hands to try to get her sister back and ends up caught up in much more danger than she bargained for AKA she gets caught up in gang activity believing that her sister was taken by the gangs but she wasn’t.

Okay, so I want my original story title is “the stolen half”, but I just got really confused so which do you think “the missing twin” or “the stolen twin” or “the stolen half” sound better.
For the splash, I want a character edit of the first character and she has a phone in her hand doing a sexy, bad ass pose.
Background: I want like a hallway and at the end of the hall is a door and inside the door is dark and creepy and there also another door right beside the hallway
For the cover, I want all the characters including the first character on it, and the first character is standing in the center and the 4th character is standing behind her and he has his hand over her mouth and the other hand is over mouth saying like shush. While the first character has a gun in her hand pointing up. The 3rd character is standing behind the door that is beside the hall. she also has a gun in her and she is pointing it. and the 2nd character is in the room and she is chained up with bruises on her and she is crying while the last character is standing in the room too with his arms crossed and he looks angry with a mask on his face and he is facing at the 2nd character
If you don’t understand what I mean, this is kinda like a gist of it
I know that this a lot of work, but if you could do it, I would be really happy!
Btw your artwork is amazing!

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Thank you and I pick clothes right?
I’m at school right now so I will work on it when I get home.
This should take about 1 day to 5 days
It won’t be as fast as some artists because I have to draw and color things vs putting characters on a background but if you need it done faster I can do that

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Could I request an art piece?

What’s your instagram name?: problematic_patrick
What’s your story name?: Field Trip Gone Wrong but it isn’t published yet
What request do you need?: Art piece
What’s your details: Taupe body, thick tapered brows spiked up fawn hair, toffee deepset gentle eyes, defined triangle face, button nose and classic taupe lips
What pose?: In the picture
What clothes?: Basic sneakers black, pizza parlour shirt, gray faded jeans
Anything else need to be added?: I want it to be just a shoulders and up art piece and I want ‘Zachary’ to be written at the bottom of the edit

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Okay it should be done in a few days but I need a picture of you, your epy character

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I somehow keep forgetting things like that :joy::joy: Here:

yes, you can pick the outfits and use the title “the missing twin” instead of the stolen half. Is it possible to get it the day before christmas?