Art request please everyone thankyou77

so hi everyone
i am starting a new story and I would really be thankful if someone would be able to do me an art scene in limelight style :fairy:t3:‍♀ so if anyone’s interested here is the details of two characters and how i want large cover to be :

image image

some poses like that


hair : middle long straight,ash blonde, eyes : light blue, skin color : neutral 4,other : tatoo,necklace,bracelet etc

** MALE MC **

** hair : messy slicked back,black, eyes : grey,shiny,height : TALL + MUSCULAR, others:necklace, please add some tatto on his hand

MAKE THEM HOT PLEASE :white_heart:

i would be very happy if someone could help, if not it’s okay ! thank you anyways :slight_smile:

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