Art request thread (CLOSED TO CATCH UP!)

Don’t expect me to put some colourful banners lol

So, I’m currently free for a few months and I’ve decided to practise my art.

So yeah, example

Rules: There will be a lot of rules, oof

  1. No kissing / sex scenes. My parents are watching me 24/7 so yeah, you get the point.
  2. I will only accepting 2 to 3 slots.
  3. I may not be taking your request.
  4. You have to credit me @Secretz_lol and I will put watermarks on it.
  5. You can totally steal my art works, and get suspended from the forums. (Karma will get you as well)
  6. You must use my art

If you want your request to be done quickly:

  1. Provide me a reference photo (it must be a real photo) preferably without watermarks.
  2. Send me the character’s(’) deets.
  3. The less complicated it is, the faster I’ll get it done.


Briefly describe the character, poses and the background:
Is this for a cover or an art scene?:
Character details (optional):
Reference photo (optional)
Anything else:


  1. @Bethany1 (starting)
  2. @KatieI (haven’t started yet)
  3. @elisabethstarrr (haven’t started yet)
  4. @Inami_Williams (haven’t started yet)


Wow it’s awsome :see_no_evil::zap:

Aw, thanks!

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I will send people who might need some :wink:

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Omg, thanks!

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Sure :blush:


Hey, can I request an art scene please? :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, I’m currently at school and the bell is about to go so I can send the details later :grin:

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Will do!

Hey. Are you still accepting requests?


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Can I request for something that you haven’t yet completed so it can be done quicker lol?

It’s done, I just need to put the background

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Ahhh really? I can’t wait! I can’t wait oh god!!!

So, here are the details:
Character 1 (F):

Screenshot/ Outfit



Skin: Light
Brows: Seductive Arch
Hair: Straight, Auburn
Eyes: Upturned Feline, Blue
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic, Cherry Red
Animation: Hand on hip, posing for a picture :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that’s all the details, so just ask if you need anything :grin:

~Katie :purple_heart:

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Is this for an art scene or a cover?

And what pose would you like your character to be doing?

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@elisabethstarrr here’s your art scene!

Idk which background you would prefer lol, so I uploaded the png version just in case.


It’s pretty good! But I would like it to look more drawn and be looking the left side like he’s about to run , also I would like the background a little lighter so the hoddie could be black :slight_smile:

If those things are easy and are not offending you it would look completely done and it will just like how I imagined it! Again sorry for not being that clear , I will totally understand if you can’t :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything :grinning:

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