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Hi! Welcome to our art thread!

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(We do covers, art scenes, edit and banners)





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  • Do not rush us! We have lives outside of Episode

  • Be civil. No one gets special treatment and no one should expect any.

What you want:
Characters (Include pics):
Who you want it done by:
When do you want it done by:
Username (Forums and Episode):


Can I make a request? :blush:

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Just tell us what you want, when you want it, and if there is a certain person you want to do it! (I make covers and splashes)

Oh, can you just complete the form above?

What you want: Drawn Art piece/scene of my character Emily.
Characters (Include pics): Emily - Light body, mature round brow, blond classic bob, toffee slender natural eyes, soft heart face, elven nose, classic orange crush lips. Outfit: Simple vine dress (Lemon yellow), valentine black woven flats, and black ridged moto jacket
Who you want it done by: EVL.Daisy
When do you want it done by: I’m not really in a rush, but it would be cool to have it before January 1st
Username (Forums and Episode): Problematic_Patrick

Additional Details: I’d like a portrait of her from the shoulders up and I’d like her to be winking at the camera with the background EXT. OUTDOOR RESTAURANT OL - NIGHT.

What you want: edit
Characters (Include pics):
Who you want it done by: Evl.Daisy
When do you want it done by: anytime works
Username (Forums and Episode): _Nasia

Cool, I think @EVL.Daisy can do them, but I’m free now if you want and get it done in 15 (No pressure, just rly bored)


(me too)

Yeah, @epy.tara is rly good

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:thinking: well I could use a few different edits

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Hey, is that pose you want? Or is there a different pose you’d like?

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Any pose works


I’ll see what I can do!


Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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I think I’ll just let them do it.
I got an art trade I need to work on.

Should it be the size of a one pan?? Or can it be any size?

Oh ok

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Similar to this size :slight_smile: Monica%20Drawing


Background blurred? Zoomed in?