Art Request Workshop [CLOSED]

Sorry we are closed! :grin:

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Do you have examples?

I will do. As soon as I get them, I will add them at the top :grinning:

Do you take edit requests? :blush:

Yes, we do!

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Yay! Okay! :sob:


  • Olive
  • Soft heart
  • Beach wavy (black N purple)
  • Soft natural
  • Medium angled
  • Classic (dusty rose)
  • Upturned bold (toffee)

P.s- For the hair can it be half black N half purple it can be any side you want I’m not picky lol if not you could always do black! :hugs:


  • I was thinking something crazy looking for Halloween or creepy. Also, for the pose could she have her hands on head like surrendering if that makes sense and a grin or smirk. But, if it to complicated you could do arms crossed and grin :smile:


  • A creepy background to make the character stand out :joy:


  • image

Do you have a deadline?

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I was thinking this weekend if not I can wait for you to be finished :blush:

Okay, thank you for the flexibility!

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Ofc! No problemo :rofl::heart:

Also, do I have your permission to add this to our Instagram page? I can also tag you in the post if you would like.

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Yeah sure I don’t mind lol :innocent: my insta is epy.ghost

The artist who took this request had hurt her arm. Therefore, I decided to take this in. (Keep in mind this is the first-ever edit I have done so if you want me to change anything, don’t hesitate to tell me :grinning:)

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Do you take art requests? Also, do you have to pay? If so how much and also i was wondering what styles you do…Example: ink/limelight/classic

We take all requests! And no you do not have to pay - it is there if you would like too!

Thanks, hopefully you will take my request? I do limelight…

Character looks like:


skintone, copper 02
hairstyle, long down wavy princess braid
haircolour, dirty blonde
eye colour, blue deep
eye shape. deepset almond
nose. defined natural
lips. full heart pouty
lip colour. pink warm gloss
face shape, diamond defined contour
brows. arched natural scar

It’s okay if you deny this request


  • Aiko Crop Top Cotton Neutral Black
  • Diamond Cluster Bracelet Sapphire
  • Laceup Long Pants Throwing Knife Harness Leather Purple Mulberry
  • Heeled close toed ankle boots - black
  • collard top roll up sleeves jacket leather grey black

Sure! What is it for?

I also got bored so I changed it a bit…

My friend? They might be writing an Episoe story. However, I’m not completely sure.

Lol, sorry! I meant what kind of art? Cover, art scene etc.