Art Requests are (Open)

Hey everyone, I am taking request for art! If you need a INK cover done , art scene or pfp im ur girl. If anyone needs to contact me or want to see my work find me on Instagram

I also have a request form to help me stay organized

Fill out the form to get started.

Happy writing and drawing :smiley:

Edit: there is now a waiting list.


I’m not interested, but I was wondering if you had examples?

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Hi could you do a cover for me?

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The first image is from an outline contest I just participated in, I didn’t mean to add that one credit for the outline: @ivy.epy

It’s for another story I am in the process of writing
I uploaded the amazing cover you made for me but this is for a different story

Sure just send me character details and description of what you’re looking for. If you have IG I would message me from there since I am currently drawing so I won’t be able to check notifications on the forums that often

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Can you one for me?

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Title: MC: The Golden Line
Author: Shana Ravi


Can I have it like this. I want the girl giggling while putting here arm over his shoulder. And he is in the same pose. And instead of a ponytail can you put a man bun.
Thank you so much. If you can do this. I will give you full credit. :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grinning: :blush:

Pose Reference

Ok when do u need this done by?

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Hopefully in the next week.

Ok I have one art scene to do first and then I will work on yours it should be ready by then.

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Alright. Try your best. :blush:

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Hey, can you do a cover for me?

can i request a cover?

Hey love your work would you be interested in doing a art scene/edit for me? I need the girl on the floor crying like on her knees and the guy behind her holding her with a sad look of you don’t thank you can that’s okay understand. :blue_heart::blush:

Yea I would love to do your cover, there is currently a wait list tho… if u have Instagram msg me there.

Yes of course, there is a wait list tho. What do u have in mind… and when do u need it by. I’m currently working on 4 projects first . Msg me on Instagram if u have one so I can get a notification alert. That way we can talk some more

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Thank you so much! It means a lot to me :smile: I would love to do that art scene . There is a wait right now. But feel free to msg me on insta if u have one so we can talk more about what you would like in greater detail and when u need it done by. It hard staying up to date with this forum since I don’t get push notifications .

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What’s your IG
:blush: mines @bethany1991bradle