Art Requests: Covers, splashes, and edits!

I can make any covers, splashes, and edits you want! Just give me the background you want, your character details, and any specific information.

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Cool, thanks!

Are you trying to request one?

Im writing a story on my phone and I need a cover. It may take a bit to give details, but would you be able to please make multiple for me to choose from? (This is for the future when I have a better idea of what I want/need for the cover)

Hi there! Just for future reference, add some examples so people know what to expect.

Sure, I could do that.

Okay thanks! Could you give me a couple weeks though to think what I need for the cover thou?

Yeah sure.


No problem.

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Hi! I wondering if you can make me a cover for my story…I don’t have much preference. But I would like it to be spooky themed like in the story a group of friends are being stalked so along those lines. Could the characters be in like paint effect, please! Thanks so much!

Hi i really need someone to do a cover for me!!

@Sarahtheartist might be able to do one for you!
Do you want me to get a few more people?

Sure, I can do a cover for you! Just give me your character details and background you want.

Can i see examples

Yeah sure.


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And these too.


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Yeah I can do that, I need your character details, unless you don’t care about how the characters look.