Art Requests: Covers, splashes, and edits!


I can make any covers, splashes, and edits you want! Just give me the background you want, your character details, and any specific information.


Cool, thanks!


Are you trying to request one?


Im writing a story on my phone and I need a cover. It may take a bit to give details, but would you be able to please make multiple for me to choose from? (This is for the future when I have a better idea of what I want/need for the cover)


Hi there! Just for future reference, add some examples so people know what to expect.


Sure, I could do that.


Okay thanks! Could you give me a couple weeks though to think what I need for the cover thou?


Yeah sure.




No problem.


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Hi! I wondering if you can make me a cover for my story…I don’t have much preference. But I would like it to be spooky themed like in the story a group of friends are being stalked so along those lines. Could the characters be in like paint effect, please! Thanks so much!


Hi i really need someone to do a cover for me!!


@Sarahtheartist might be able to do one for you!
Do you want me to get a few more people?


Sure, I can do a cover for you! Just give me your character details and background you want.


Can i see examples


Yeah sure.



And these too.



Yeah I can do that, I need your character details, unless you don’t care about how the characters look.