Art Requests! Editing covers!

Also! Since I’m bored would u like it if I made u some banners for the thread?


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What would u like for them to say? Also what background and like details do u want. I wanna make them simple also.

Not a request but if you need characters to practice on you can use mine just if you post anywhere maybe credit my character? Idk not a nessessity though aha

Wasnt sure if yu wanted ink or LL

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Like just a normal galaxy pastel background and it could say like “this story contains strong language”

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Thank you!

Its ok xx


I meant like banners for the thread lol

Oh jeez I read it wrong, I’m stupid…

I wanted like a pastel mint green background with like some white hearts

And it says like
“Art Requests”

  • Editing covers , eg. Adding accessories or makeup
  • Include pics
  • Include details

Just some tips!!

I would recommend adding some rules, too.

Since the banners are like big. It should be serrated…


Zombie Arts - Art Shop Revamped {Open} 🖤
What’s your LinkTree? 💚

Basically u can look at some of my topics and you’ll see how they’re spaced out and stuff.

Yea I was thinking about that…

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Sksksk okay. :partying_face::hot_face:

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So the bullet points are separate banners?

Example, I’m not really sure if I like how this one came out, but u can definitely let me know what u want changed.

Yes sorry!

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That’s so cuteee​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ok cool. :joy::hot_face:


hey do u do LL covers? and also do u have any examples?
If u r interested , we can talk about this in instagram. mine is @epi.madhubhgd

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