Art requests :)

Hi! I’ve been a part of Art groups, but I’m never good enough And I never get any requests… I thought maybe if I make a thread where I Can accept requests, someone might want something, because all artists are really buisy already…
I can edit backgrounds, make Episode poses And some art scenes And edits, as well as splashes And covers.

Some examples of what I Can do

I don’t do overlays


Hey can you do one splash for me?
Here are the details: Click the picture for full pic.

She will be in this pose and in her side write Episode in cursive letter in a bit big letters and in White color.
Background :

How much time will you take? I will be paitent.

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Sure I can do that!in not more than 2-3 hours! I don’t have any requests. And only the Word Episode? Also, do you want some edits\addings (Hearts, baloons, stars…)
I can add anything. As you can see in my examples, there are a lot of things I can do with it.
Also, does she stand on The right or left side of the screen?

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Could I have a bedroom background?
A girly girl bedroom, colored in pink. With a bunch of drawings, and red roses in a vase somewhere on the nightstand.

Could you send me a background you want to change this way (Where the bed should be And nightstand)? And drawings that a little Kid Can draw?

and just doodles for the drawing

Can you do a art for me??? I need one for my story.

Sure! What do you need?

Hey could you make me a custom pose please ?

Ok … I’m looking for something like this pic… Its going to go in the beginning of my story…

The guy is in a biker gang… You can do whatever you want for the background you can surprise me.

I’m sorry, but this is a little too hard for me.

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Depends what it is :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to get it done by tomorrow

Yeah only Episode, no I don’t need any editing and She will stand in the Left of the screen. Thank you.

Here you go!

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OMG thankyou so much, I love it and yeah also…If I need any art or splash in the future can I message you?

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Of course! I’ll gladly help!

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thank you :slight_smile:

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