Art Resources: Backgrounds, Art Scenes and Overlays Needed


Hi everyone. Hope you all having a bless Sunday! As you read by the title I’m in need of “Backgrounds, Art Scenes and Overlays”. There are 2 backgrounds, 3 art scenes and 4 overlays that I need. I will explain each of the details separately on here. I will explain them as possible and clear enough without missing any details.

One or more backgrounds, art scenes or overlays creators can each do one. If you’re going to help me, please can you either pm me your examples or you can put it down below of this topic. If you’re having a difficult times on doing one of the requests, please don’t hesitate to let me know and also if you’re going to be busy in between doing one of the requests (take your time, there is no rush but let me know whenever your half way done with it).

Note: Yes, I can either search “Art Resources” and ask for requests but honestly you never know rather the person is available to accept requests. So whoever sees this and can accept one of these requests I’m asking for, that will be great.

Let’s start with the simple and I believed the easiest one first.

Overlay #1

I have this images of a rustic storage box.

First rustic box - I want the exact size, shape, the same shade color of the top box and the design at the bottom of it. (Note: if the design is hard to do. Just simply do whatever design at the bottom but it have to symbolize of love.)


Second rustic box - I want the same lock that is showing on the second rustic box of this image to be on the first rustic box that showing above this section.

I also want the key to be inside the box and another overlay of the key without being inside the box. I only want one key although on the image it is showing two keys. (Doesn’t matter what kind of key that look like)

Last rustic box - I want the first image of the rustic box to be able to open like this image. The first rustic box image will be closed and also open.

Overlay #2

This second overlay is simple. I just want a pantry basket or bin. The color doesn’t matter to me at all (well it shouldn’t have any bright color) as long it could possibly look like this image…

Overlay #3

I also want a overlays of a newspaper about 10 exact of it. I don’t know if it is possible for anyone to create something similar like this overlay for me…

I just want the top title to have: Maryland Breaking News with the date at the bottom of the title: August 7, 1996 and the bottom second line should have: The Missing Twins

Then with the image of this twins…

Overlay #4

I need a image of a toolbox (doesn’t matter what color) but I just want a minimum of tools inside the toolbox and the key for the rustic box. But the toolbox should also be closed and opened as well

Now that the overlays are done.

I need 2 backgrounds.

First background

Background #1

First one is a background of a mother bedroom with one or two windows (doesn’t matter) it got to be day and night, it also got to have nightstands on both side and a closet (doesn’t matter where) And the size for Episode pan should be either 2 or 3. The image should look like a clean mother bedroom but not looking expensive. I also want the bed to have… I don’t know how to call it but I don’t want it low on the floor, you know when you can put something or anything to hide underneath the bed. That’s what I’m looking for so I can put the box underneath.

Second background

Background #2

Second background I want a pantry that is in the kitchen. But the pantry door should be open, I want Day and night image and it have to have 2 or 3 shelves on it so I can put the basket or bin up top of it… Kitchen and pantry can be small as long it is freely to move around there. The kitchen should look clean yet old. The pantry should have a wooden floor (but the wood floor should looked like one of the piece is open with a hidden key)

Last is 3 art scene

First art scene

Art scene #1

I have a young female character about the age of 14.

Her detail:

Skin - Caramel

Brows - Thin Soft Arch

Hair - Cornrow Bun (Color: Black)

Eyes - Upturned Feline (Color: Brown)

Face - Oval

Nose - Soft Natural

Lips - Full Round (Color: Toffee)

Outfit -

And whoever doing the background of the mother room on background #1 . I want the art scene of the young girl on it sitting (whichever sitting position) on the floor beside the mother bed reaching out for the rustic box that is close and open on overlay #1. So that’s two art scenes for that one. Meaning the first art scene of the young girl in the mother room and the rustic box that is closed and the second one is the box opened.

You will find two art scenes in the “Art Scene #1

Last art scene #3

Art Scene #3

Same female character details…
Skin - Caramel

Brows - Thin Soft Arch

Hair - Cornrow Bun (Color: Black)

Eyes - Upturned Feline (Color: Brown)

Face - Oval

Nose - Soft Natural

Lips - Full Round (Color: Toffee)

I want this art scene to be this character being in the pantry siting on the floor with all the newspaper that is on the floor (you will find the details on overlay #3 and she looking and holding them with surprise on her face). The pantry should have a wooden floor (but the wood floor should looked like one of the piece is open with a hidden key inside) if you see any mistake of when I say the key should be in the toolbox don’t add that. I made a mistake.

Episode Harmony Offical Request Thread
Episode Harmony Offical Request Thread
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I can do the art scenes.


Okay, there are 3 art scenes. Which one?


I can do background and overlay


I can see how many. Definitely two. If I have time for three I’ll tell you.


There are 2 backgrounds and 4 overlays. Which one you want to do?


Thank you! Can you show me a example of your work, please?


Wait shall I send you my splashes since I only have one scene?


And a random cover


Your splashes is great but sadly, I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for.


Oh okay. Hope someone who does what you need replies :wink:


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il do as many as i can




Well the members of Episode harmony will do some