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Do you need directing help? Splashes? Free script templates? Then you may have stumbled yourself on the right place! I can do art resources and help you with coding!

Just fill out the form and ive got everything covered! From splashes, covers , pfps to directing help youve got your gal! Please fill out the form if you need anything…


• Please be honest and tell me if you requested on other threads, if i find out you do, I will immediately decline your request!
● You can ask for 3 REDOS only, as I will not waste my time doing your request over and over again
● I wont be doing any requests on the WEEKEND meaning to say this thread is CLOSED during the weekend as that is where I go and take a BREAK
● If i find that your in anyway RUDE I will politely decline your request
● Please understand if your request will take LONG, im not the flash and I have school!

Request Forms

Covers and Splashes Form

  • Style:
  • Size:
  • What you need me to write:
  • How many characters:
  • Poses I can do custom poses!:
  • Character Details:
    Hair and Color-
    Eyes and Color-
    Mouth and Color-
    Face shape-
    Skin Color-
    Outfits I can make custom outfits-
  • Short Description of the story:
  • Mood of the story or vibe:
  • Background specific or describe it:
  • Edited drawn or just placed:
    *Characters doing poses!:
  • Anything else?:

Character Edit Form

  • How many characters:
  • Character Details:
    Hair and Color-
    Eyes and Color-
    Mouth and Color-
    Face shape-
    Skin tone-
    Outfits I can mske custom outfit !-
  • Pose I can make custom poses!:
    *Background specific or describe it:
  • Anything else?:
    *Characters doing poses!:
  • Edited, drawn or just placed:

PFP Form

  • Character Details
    Hair and Color-
    Eyes and color-
    Mouth and color-
    Face shape-
    Skin tone-
    Outfit I can make custom outfits!-
  • Background specific or describe it:
  • Edited, drawn or just placed:
  • Anything else?:

Background and Overlay Form

  • What overlay do you want:
  • What background do you want:
  • How are you going to use it?:


More would be coming soon!

Apps used:
Ibis Paint X, Phonto and Many more apps!

Thank you for your time!
More examples on my instagram


You do script templates?


I dont do art during the weekend, but i do script templates on the weekend :smiley:


I will see if I need a script template!


Can I request a splash without character? :joy:


Of course! Please fill out the form from above! :wink:


nvm so srry for interrupting ur time!


Oh okay :+1: But next time if there is a next time, please be serious when you need something or not :blush:


srry for you waste of time!


Its okay :joy: :smile:


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Hello @MariG! This is Sydney the Moderator.

Your topic and post need to be edited to include only art resources. If you want to offer help with coding, move it to Directing Helps and Tips. Please make these changes as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and have a good day :sunglasses:




Oh u did the outline for the contest :grin: kool lol


Lol, im the one that created it :smile:
And i just traced the character and dre the hair :blush:




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