Art Resources: Make Changes and Reedit Background In Need

Hi if anyone available that is good to make changes and reedit a kitchen background or anything for me as soon as possible (no rush but just until between 4-7 days in need of it), will be absolutely great!

If so, I’ll post the details here for anyone who would want to help me. Please show me a few of your example.

So here are Episode kitchen background. There is no day kitchen so I want both day and night background. I just want a few changes, dealing with how I don’t want it to look too decent.

For the cabinets… I don’t want that color. Any color of choice will be fine but please let me know which one it is. (Avoid color that are too bright. I just need a neutral yet a dull color) and that as well goes for the wall on the far left corner.

Last for the kitchen floor. I want a wooden floor (any color of choice will be fine as long that it will represent the whole set in the kitchen. I don’t want no mismatch and it should be old but not too decent.

Let me know if you need any information. Thank you!

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@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can one of you close this up. Very much appreciate it.

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: