Art Resources: Overlay Needed

Does anyone have a neutral color of baby cradles overlay? Something that I can use and put in the hospital.

If so, pm me or comment below and I of course will give you credit for it.

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I can get you one!

Thank you! I just need it to put in the hospital room.

Okay so you want one of them baby hospital bed’s right?


Okay I have to make it PNG for you so it will tack a moment! :slight_smile:

Also did you want me to make two and one have the baby in it if so let me now witch prop you are using for when they hold the baby and i can do that for you to

Appreciate :hugs:.

I just need 3 baby cradles overlays where you can place the baby in it. The props from Episode is Light Blue Baby Swaddle, Baby Foot Swaddle, Yellow Baby Swaddle and additional one is just White Baby Swaddle. Do you need an image of it?

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Yes please! Would any baby hospital bed work or do you have one you want made into a overlay?

I ask because I found this one but want to make sure your ok with it before i make it a overlay

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Yes! That’s great. I was looking for one too but never mind. That’s ne is perfect and give me a second to get the image off Episode.

Here are the images.

image image image image

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How many overlays do you still need

Okay thank you I will get right on them as soon as you send them! :slight_smile:

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LOL posed this and the photo showed up at the same time!

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@Chesirekitten101 Overlay of baby cradles? @Bethany1 is already doing it. But who knows most of my characters will have baby soon and might need more than 3. But those one I just requested are for the main characters.

But since @Bethany1 got one cradle.

@Chesirekitten101 you can do another cradle overlay for me if that’s ok with you.

I got this image of baby cradle…


Would you like that one better?

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The one you got and mine are both great. I do need one of each that is different. Is that confusing? Please let me know. I’m sorry.

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Okay so not only the baby blanket is different but you want each bed to be different also? I just want to make sure I do it right?

Yes! You explain it better than I do.

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