Art review ❤

So I’ve been making art for a while and I have seen people who’s art isn’t good and they don’t accept critisism (<-- Don’t know how to spell that) So I’m here to judge you guys…This is inspired by many people like @Turtle_Cat and @fcukforcookies because she made this thread

And It brings up the problems that artist have and all that.

Please do not and do not ask for critisism if you don’t want to hear it.

I’m a artist myself and try to to this too…This art doesn’t have to be new…and I will say what I think you should improve on and if I don’t like your style I wont say that because people have different tastes, but I will say what I think about your style… I’ll give you tips (maybe) and I’ll grade you from 1 to 5.

Just send me your art and I’ll write somethings down and Hope this helps you guys.

Please don’t mind all the spelling mistakes



I’ll send in a photo as soon as the Forums stops being annoying and will let me do so :raising_hand_woman:‍♀

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Latest design I did started about 2 weeks ago

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Sooo I got Ibis Paint X yesterday and this is my first try at using it… any tips or criticism? I’m not so much finding my own style as just getting used to the app itself and getting used to drawing.

I’m aware that the eyes aren’t symmetrical, and am also aware that the face outline is wobbly.


Ok I usually draw in INK style like this

But recently I’ve tried for the first time the LL style what do you think?


Here’s my thoughts:

  1. The pose is a bit weird? or idk how to put it the body is bigger than the hands, because the hands are really small placed weird.

  2. You haven’t shaded at all…

  3. I can’t really understand the males hair…why is it brown and there are orange/yellow stripes?

Here are some tips;

  1. If outlining use force fade (I use it) and Stabilizer (I use it)

  2. If shading use the “Blur” Tool or go to fliters and use “Guassian Blur”

  3. Make poses with episode characters (I see that you have traced the bofy in episode style i think, but the hands are not) And I mean poses like this and then trace over it;


Overall grade;

3 out of 5, there are miistakes, but improving and drawing more will help with that

This is just for your help, please don’t cause drama
This is only my opinion and I have a different point of view than others. I’m a amateur artist myself, so please don’t take this seriously.


I lovee the first one omg

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I made these for an outline challenge :heart:

Okay so @_haruka here’s what i think.

  1. I’m not sure if this is finsihed or not, but where’s the hair?

  2. The eyes are bootiful, nothing wrong with them, Just a thought, but the eyes have pupils or not?

  3. If the char is talking then the mouth is good, but if not why is the mouth to the side.

  4. Why is the nose so small?

  5. The eyebrows, are so far away from eyes.

  6. (One thing I noticed to add) Why is the shade or color on the background?
    Overall grade;

3/5 There are some things that could have done better, but you just got the app, and you’re trying to find your style, and I belive you’re not finished with this art.

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@Lady_Cannella here’s some thoughts of your LL edit.

  1. I can see that the hand is there, but if you look at first you sometimes can’t notice it.

  2. There are some white spots from maybe bucketing the clothes and things, but if you bucket tool it then you need to be sure that you fill the white spots in.

  3. The mouth and eyes, or the whole face looks good,

  4. The hair should have some lonely strings, so it’s not a “Block” hair.

  5. The body isn’t finished

Overall score: 4/5 There are some minor things that I would change, but we have different tastes so it doesn’t matter. Overall It looks cool, cute and hot.


Ya, it’s not finished :sweat_smile: I haven’t done any hair yet. With number 6, I also realise that, just haven’t removed it yet, but will fix. In the style that I’m practising, no, the eyes doesn’t have pupils :grimacing: although that may sound a little stupid haha. Thank you so much!


I think the style they were going for is anime. Anime eyes sometimes don’t have pupils and the eyebrows are like that. And lastly anime noses are extremely small. They normally just do a simple line for a nose sometimes.



Hmm…Yeah maybe, I’m not really familiar with anime so i didn’t know…

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Thanks for the feedback, I am still trying to find ground for my designs since I am just starting. Most of the time I do trace to make my life easier. I will see what I can do about the issues. I also design covers and background for people as practice

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Yeah. Tbh anime looks really weird in my opinion. Your feedback could really be advice to the anime community.

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ya, I was lol. Some anime characters don’t even have a nose :joy: I only did anime because IbisPaintX’s tutorials were in anime and I couldn’t find any good non-anime ones.



Here’s the picture that you can judge <3

if anybody steals this… you will be sued


An old outline I made, attempting to merge two hairstyles…Which turns out really weird.
I need help to draw custom hair.

I know this isn’t a good piece, but don’t steal

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Just made this outline. :blush:

Anything I can do to improve? :thinking:

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