Art review ❤

Try using stabiliser :heart:

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This is my newest art, any critisism is fine :heart:

((Also the star constellation is sort of a kind of a mark? Like a birth mark so shes kinda magical and as a result has them, idk how to explain it :joy:))


Check it out

The blue is so bright :joy::heart: (may just be me though because to me that blue is really bright and gives me headaches, actuay all bright colours give me headaches :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:) its so cool thoughh

Here’s some things that i though of;

  1. Too much blue, there are things that can stay blue, but you should balance out some colors with it. So maybe some blue, black, white, etc.

  2. I belive that your background isn’t finished, but there’s no floor nor background.

  3. The bed, it’s cut off, maybe try getting a bed that’s not cut off in a pic.

Overall score: 2/5 There are things tha could be improved. The style isn’t my type so in my score it’s a 1/5 , but Overall if you take off that it isn’t finished it could turn out good or bad.

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@Silver_Shadow here’s some things about your outline;

  1. The mouth looks Beutiful.

  2. I think the hands looks a bit weird in my opinion, just a little rounded I just can’t explain it.

  3. The hair looks a bit weird, but as you said. the 4th and 5th are the same points the hair looks a bit weird.

Overall score; 4/5 The only thing I would change is the hair it turned out a bit, rushed?


Check another one I made

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I guess I kinda rushed it. Thanks for the review! I really gotta learn how to combine hairstyle. :grin:

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