Art scence artist needed asap!


I have asked a few people if they can do any art scenes for me and a lot of people have replied and ignored more, or just haven’t got back to me.

I’m looking for somebody who can do art scenes for free and who is willing to help me throughout my journey as a writer on the episode platform.

If you are interested please send me a message

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Do you want them in Ink or Limelight?

I’m writing the stories in both styles

The LL version will be released first though, it really all depends on if I can get any art scenes made for them.

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Well dangit. I can’t draw in Limelight. Sorry oof

It doesn’t have to be exact to the characters…

I’ve been looking so long for somebody willing to help fully, that I’d take anything to be honest, as long as they resembled the main features of the characters

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My current style looks more inky so idk if you’d like that or…

Send me a picture of the character and I’ll see what I can do. :heart:

I will be publishing it in ink eventually… One story was out in ink about 6 months ago but it didn’t really do that well, so I decided to start over in LL and see where I got from there

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Well this is the style I’m talking about. :two_hearts:

My sister gave me the colors for this second one

Thank you so much xx

That looks great, and it’s not that inky, it’s just different

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Thank you :blush::two_hearts:

Don’t put yourself down

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I’m not :joy: I just thought of it as more inkish but tysm :sparkling_heart:

Hey @PropertyofNae

If you wanna help, that would be amazing… I don’t care how you do it, as long as I know that you will help me and not leave me without no warning

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Of course and also let me kbow when you need things :revolving_hearts: Even if it’s like a month before hand that’s great.

That sounds good

Do you have IG?

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Yeah mine’s epy.bby_nae Instagram doesn’t send me notifications sometimes so sorry in advance.

I’m hannahc.epi_wattpad

I’ll send you a message

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I messaged you xx

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