Art scene and Meet the character's cards need

Hey. I’m the author of a new fantasy story. Can someone please recommend an art shop or person can do really good edited art scenes and character cards. I need someone with not a long waiting list, I would like to have these things as soon as humanly possible (within reason bc I know ppl got lives) If so, please comment below.


Here’s a list of a bunch of art shops that are open:
Bubble Tea Art shop
Lucy’s Art Shop {OPEN}
Snowflake’s Art shop (Revamped) [OPEN]
Doing covers fast and free
I create art for YOUR cover!
Practicing Art: Model Thread
framed_pictureheartK’s Art Shop​:heart::framed_picture:

I’ll add more later.

you linked my old one there has been closed, this is my new one, but thanks for recomanding me

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Oh okay. Sorry. Thanks for letting me know.

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I life your profile picture by the way :wink: :racehorse:

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thanks, drew it myself

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Here is my art shop

I can make character cards! Heres my art shop. Drama_club25's Art Shop! (OPEN!)