Art scene artist needed <3


I am currently writing my second story “Walk of Shame”. It was published about a week ago. I would really like to add a little spice and I would like to give the readers a more visual picture than what episode offers. I would love it if an artist would do a few art scenes for me :slight_smile: (I will of course give credit.) Thank you!

Here’s some details on my story :wink:
Title: Walk of Shame
Desc: Love, drama, tragedy… Raine Scott’s life just got a whole lot messier. Imagine adding Parker Woods into the mix? Her life is a ticking time bomb. CC
Author: Azalea

(Cover made by @VeeZ4ra her instagram is @veez4ra.epy)
Her art is amazing!


that’s a gorgeous cover. i’ll check your story out, as for art, im pretty useless haha


Ahh thanks <3


I’ll do some art scenes for you! Check out my art at deviantart (my user there is reese-the-gumpycat) and see if you would like me to! I understand if you don’t, I’m not half as good as some of the people on here.


Of course I would love for you to do some art scenes!


Thank you! Just pm me the details.