Art Scene Artist Needed :3

Hewo, I’m in desperate need of an artist! Episode has rejected multiple backgrounds that fit perfectly with my story because of copyright issues I was unaware of. If anyone can help me out, I’d truly appreciate it. I cannot pay, but I can give credit, follow, help out with your story, etc.


  • Several specific fantasy/medieval landscape backgrounds that’ll be used throughout the story (I will dm you the details).
  • A king being majestic/fair/benevolent, being assassinated, and transforming into a dragon background (I’ll send details thru dm).
  • Another different king either being crowned, preparing for battle, or casting out mythological creatures (once again, I’ll dm you details).
  • Lastly, a background of a sword being drawn from its sheath (dm for details!).

Monsters are real. They snuff out the light and summon darkness. They come in all shapes and forms. Identifying one is challenge enough. Killing one is an impractical task. The Kingdom of Vilashen resides in all of its casualties. The corrupt are empowered and thrive off the misery of others. At the center of it all, three families are given the opportunity to break the cycle of chaos.

If you’re interested, let me know :3
If you require more than credits, follows, and help with your story, we can probably work something out. I just cannot pay with actual money cuz #1 I’m broke and #2 I’m broke :slight_smile:

Also, shoutout and thank you to @kara2007 for being willing to create my cover!:heart:

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Do you want me to make it?

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You can visit my art shop.
And my artists will do it!

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Would you send/dm me a sample of ur work? :relaxed:

Ohk me and @Jess2112 are a team at outlining and coloring


That looks really good!!! You guys have great ink style, but r u guys willing to draw/have drawn more realistic/limelight styles by any chance?

In LL yes sure!

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Do you already have samples of those you can share with me? (I’m sowy for being picky XD)

No ur not! But we just started working together so no we dont yet, sowwyyy :frowning_face:

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that’s okay! Why don’t we try out one of the four bulleted art scenes I need and if it looks good (which I’m sure it will), you guys can move on to other ones? Also, do you require credits, follows, etc?

4!!! :joy::joy::joy::rofl: ohk how many characters?

Like yeah, the art scenes listed above lmao. And how many characters?? I don’t have a specific number of background characters for the landscape scenes or the other scenes I listed but a good amount (like 4-6?)…

I meant like the first art scene how many character?

Hi! Sorry just gonna jump in here lol, I have a LL example if you wanted to take a look :blush:

This isn’t that recent though! My style has slightly changed


Y am I confused about this character thing XD. For the first art scene, I plan on having one character, a king (having a face/body closeup.


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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT! It’s so detailed and overall pretty realistic/limelight! I’d love it if you’d help me out with some of the art scenes I’m doing!

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Thank you! Apologies for my stupidity XD

Awesome!! As soon as @melaniesmall has the outline, I’ll colour them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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awesome!! I didn’t realize u were @melaniesmall partner lmao. I can dm one of you for reference ideas of the type of king I’m thinking about

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