Art Scene Artist needed for detailed art scenes



I’m looking for an Artist who can do some art detailed scenes (drawing) for my story: Broken Love
if your interested and want to know the details, etc Dm me on insta: frankiestien_writer and i would like to see some examples and of course i will credit you -xoxo Frankie


i can do it!


Can I see some examples?




wait for drawing or regular covers edits and splahes?




ohh well i cant do that…




hey, that’s fine :blush::+1:


yea srry…


np :grinning:


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By drawing do you mean on a piece of paper or drawing digitally?


I can try if you still need one,
Feel free to request here if your interested! :wink:

Heres an example:
(Drawn episode characters)
(Real life characters)

Please dont judge me for that srawing since its my first time drawing digitally with real life people :sweat_smile:


Frankieeee I can do them! :two_hearts:


I can do stuff like this


What program do you use?


Ibis Paint X :blush: but i have some tricks up my sleeve :wink:




By drawing I mean Drawing digitally