Art scene artist (payment or credits)

I am an author of a story Trapped: the Island with over 200.000 reads. I’m working on a new story (January) and a sequel (april). They may contain special art scenes. I’m looking for talented artist that wants to cooperate with me :slightly_smiling_face:.

If you are interested, send me a private message with your art examples and cooperation details (if it’s help, payment cooperation or other - I can help with code or overlays). Cheers :blush:


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Sure, sorry :slight_smile:

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I can help

Please send me art examples and cooperation details :slight_smile:

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I pmed you some of my examples :blush: hopefully you enjoy them

Just an interesting drawing style - not the episode style :slight_smile: it can be realistic or comic/anime it doesn’t matter as long as it’s good :slight_smile:

Are you willing to pay? If so I know a few artist who have open commissions! :blush:

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I am :slight_smile:

no_paksartist on IG is open! <3

Can you recommend more artists on Instagram? I don’t need any Art scenes right now, I just want to know people I can cooperate after January :slight_smile:

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Artwork by Ren , blanche.artepisode!