Art Scene Artist Wanted

Hey there!

I’m looking for an artist that can do art scenes for an ongoing fantasy story. If you’re interested, please let me know and attach some samples :slight_smile:


I can make it.

Hey there! Could I see a couple samples?

Thanks @ChayChay and @Mmoonart12 for the outlines

Some of my own…

Those look good! But they’re not quite what I’m looking for, I’m sorry. But thanks for being willing to help!

Um hey are you looking for an episode style or an anime :grin:

I would be happy with limelight or anime, either one :slight_smile: a friend of mine said she would help me out with the scene, but I would still love to see what you got :smiley:



Ohh, I really like the limelight style! I have the first art scene I need, but I will definitely be needing another one soon! I can definitely keep you in mind for the next one if that’s cool :smiley:

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Ok :grin:

I hope it’s ok i deleted my messages I’m not that confident in my art yet so I Don’t really keep it up :grin:

Oh yeah, no problem! I understand :slight_smile: But from what I saw, they looked really good :wink: