Art scene artist!



lol yh that’s what the customer wanted :joy: I love how creative authors are


Hm…ok. Let talk about this one. I made this edit just for practice.


Yeah it’s true they really no how to bring a pic alive lol


Man: She is so cute!
Girl: Ok, can someone pitch me. This guy is so dreamy.




You just keep picturing a story out of the pic lol






Man: I wonder how Brianna is doing
Girl: No one on earth believed me when I said I could change the bad boy, but I DID! Yaaaay


True dat :joy::joy:




If you still need help, you can get it here C&C's Art Thread - Covers , Splashes , Watermarks , Character edits Drawn Art and More In 15 - 20 Min!


If you still need art my friends and I would be more then happy to help:)

@NattyGomez @Circe_dreamteam and myself are part of the art Collab;)