Art Scene Creator

Hello is there anyone who would be willing to work with me full time creating art scenes for my upcoming story Mean Magic. It is about a girl that was separated from her family when she was a baby because when she was i the womb her mother,The princess, experimented of her in the womb.
There are all types of mythical creatures in this story and I’m ok at drawing things but because it is my story i don’t have time to write and draw plus i actually suck at drawing. If you are interested i will tell you more about the story and can you show my some of your drawing.

THANK YOU for reading this far you are already being very kind to me LOL! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


Yes I can do it.

OMG HELLO I’m sorry I dusty get to your message sooner!!! Do you have a episode Instagram or a Instagram In general

Is it in LL or ink?


The First second and fourth one are my recents :joy:

It is in LL​:grin::grin::grin:

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Would you like me to try?

Sure, what is your Instagram

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