Art scene, edits - difference

What’s the difference between an art scene and an edit, because sometimes I don’t see that much difference, or am I missing something?

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I suppose it is perhaps the purpose of the art itself.

So for an art scene, there is the intention of it to be a piece of work to be used in a story whereas an edit is a piece of art that is requested or made in appreciation or just because you wanna make one :heartbeat:

(Also hello ma twin :heartbeat::heartbeat:)


that sounds right, why didn’t I figure that out myself? :sweat_smile: thanks, twin! :joy:

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No problem twin and haha, it took me a while to know the difference as well

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‘Edit’ usually refers to an image that is edited onto another to make a new piece. Typically the creator is not the original artist/photographer of the edited image components(sometimes there can be hand-drawn elements AND edited elements).

‘Art scene’ usually means someone wants to have a special artwork in their story based on how the branching goes. It is usually a backdrop that either has narration on top or not, but either way is considered a ‘special scene’.

So an art scene could actually be an edit if the special art scene has an edited Episode character as part of the image.

An image is NOT considered an ‘edit’ when the entire image has been hand-drawn from scratch. (Not traced, clipped from another image, or drawn on top of previously existing art.)

Some art scenes are NOT edits.

Hopefully that all makes sense :slight_smile:


Thanks, I understand it now. :slightly_smiling_face: