Art Scene Example


Hi guys! This is my first ever art scene. I didn’t do it as episode characters but if i were to it would look similar to this.
Please feel free to comment down below your thoughts and opinions​:point_down::blush: Also requests for art scenes are now officially open​:unlock::two_hearts:


WOW! Love it!! Do you want to join my art group?


Wowwww it’s greattttt!!!


Btw the guy ain’t finished yet


Requests for art scenes are not finally open

Can I request an art scene? :joy:


Yes please!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Yeah i kinda realized that after i posted it​:joy::joy: The original photo which i got from Google was like that so i kinda fogot to add the additional part of the guys shirt​:sweat_smile: Thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix it up.


I pmed you :grinning:


Do you mind me asking how you do your hair?


I use ibis paint X to edit. The brush i use is round brush (point). Also when you do art scenes it is easier if you dont have a hard outline.


Also yes. I would love to do an art scene for you. You can send me your character details on my Instagram @lady_anne.epi or email me on