Art scene for my first story


I am writing my first story and I was looking for someone to do a art scene for my main character .


I can try
Do you want a hand drawn one? Because I can’t do that.
I can do art scenes like this:




I can help! I can make edits, and actual draw art scenes! If you need any examples, just ask! :heart:


Just a few examples if possible . Also What info would you need to create ?


Sorry I’m back. Below are some of my examples!


The next one is some fanart I made in my own style.

The details I would need is the character details, what you would like them to be doing, the background, etc.


I really like the first and fourth one
Lips:blossom (ruby red)
Face:soft heart
Eyes:round bold
Eye color : white
Hairstyle:beachwave (blue light /kinda like a grayish blue )
Brows:medium soft arch

Shorts:Red bikin halter bottom
Shirt:white layerd crop top
Shoes:calf boots red
I am a person of surprise …so if you don’t mind maybe surprise me with how you think it’ll look great . Her character is sweet with anxiety but she’s very broken and she knows how to cover it with a smile. If you don’t wanna surprise me then maybe her taking a deep breath with a tear if possible I’m not sure . Sorry I’m new to this

Also the background preferably water like a beach or some sort .


I’ll get started on it as soon as possible! :heart:️ And I’ll definitely try to surprise you! Do you need it by a certain date?


awesome ! Thank you so much .
Also Take your time , no specific date .


Here is your cover!


Feel free to let me know if you’d like a redo or something changed. Remember that if you use this, credit me at @crazygirl95005 on Instagram! :heart:


thank you so much


Thank you! :heart:


Hey so it tells me it’s not big enough , am I loading it wrong ? I’m not sure


I can resize it if you’d like, what are the dimensions it says it needs?


640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall


Sorry, I’ll resize it right away!


I can help you. @Lizzie_C Here’s an example.


Here it is!


Thank you !