Art Scene for My Story

I just published one of my new stories, Needle in the Heart. I have one scene where I’d really like to have an art scene. I’ve tried using Ibis Paint X and doing it myself but I’m on doing it on mobile and I don’t have anything I can use to draw on my phone so it’s coming out horribly to put it nicely. I’m a single mom so I can’t pay for any commissions, but I know there are some artists out there that enjoy having their work shown. I will obviously credit you in my story and on my Instagram. I have a screenshot of what I’d like done, but I was hoping my character could have a piercing and minimal tattoos put on as well, which I will explain to whoever takes this up. I should also mention it is in limelight, as I know someone people don’t like that style. If anyone would be up for it, it would mean a lot to me. Maybe we could even work together on some future scenes as well.


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I would love too! But I recently posted an forum about me making art for people, and I have 7 pieces I need to make ;/ I’ll pm you if I have a space, I’m sorry you may have to wait. ;(

Hello sweetie, if you still need someone, I might be able to help, you’re welcome to pm me and show me the screenshot and I can show you some of my work, then if you’d like me to do it after we’ve discussed it I can add you to my list and get it to you asap :slight_smile:

Hi! I currently have someone working on my art scene, I’m just waiting for them to finish. The story I was talking about I’m currently making it in ink version too. Do you do covers? I need a cover done for that story, if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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That’s great, I’m glad you found someone!!
Yeah me and my friend have an art shop we both do covers!
Come on over to see some examples of our work and then you can make a request with either of us :smiley:

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Perfect! I’m going to work on making my characters and then I’ll head over there! Thanks so much!

Okay! :smiley: No problem sweetie!

Do you want me to put a request in on the page or can I just PM you?

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If you put it on the thread please as it’s easier for you to be added to my list then :smiley: Just pop the details of what you’d like and which of us you’d like to do it :slight_smile: you can see examples of both of our work at the top of the thread :smiley:

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Done! Thank you again for steering me in the right direction!
Is your instagram the same as your handle on here?

Thanks… You’re welcome we are happy to help! :smiley: Yes it is :smiley:

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